ECC-Club Studie: Digitale Plattformen – Deutschland auf dem Abstellgleis?

About the ECC Club Study
In the discussion about future topics, digital platforms seem to be the "ultimate" solution. But why is that? We asked experts what the dominance of platforms established and what constitutes platforms.

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SCAN4FIN – Online Banking Technologies Comparison

Online Banking is an established payment method customers are trusting in. Do you know the different provider and products and which fits your product and business needs? SCAN4FIN has compared 7 Online Banking products.

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Profit Booster: Increase your Profit by optimizing payments

Analyzing your payment setup in a 360-degree view and identifying opportunities for improvement supports merchants in turning payments from a cost center into increasing profit.

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FINDOSO – global PaymentGuide

In today’s globalised world with unlimited amount of available information it is sometimes difficult to orient oneself. This is even more true for the payment industry. With its variety of companies, services, regulatory considerations and complex institutions it often looks like a jungle.

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5 Answers – Why Payment is still no commodity

I would like to reflect on my latest projects where I supported clients in partnering with new payment providers and optimizingRead more

SCAN4FIN case study: Lomographische AG

Lomography ( is a world wide operating organization dedicated to experimental and creative photography. As a part of its portfolio, Lomography operates an online shop offering collections of innovative cameras,Read more

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